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Advisory Panel

Campbell Jones

Advisory Panel

Campbell has worked in the industrial minerals sector for over 25 years with multi-mine/plant operations in multiple countries. His mining experience extends across all mining operations and complex processing plants. Industrial minerals requires unique products for the various markets served, requiring a strong product knowledge base together with application know-how and a robust brand pricing strategy. Extensive knowledge on supply chain and network optimisation, combining with a strong understanding of the importance of getting product to market on the international stage, all add to his skill set. Campbell has had direct experience in many minerals including silica sand, mineral sands, high purity quartz, limestone, magnesia, talc, feldspar, clays, bentonite, and barytes with companies such as Sibelco, Normandy Mining and Baker Hughes, all market leaders across various sectors including glass, ceramics, energy, electronics and foundry.

Campbell is a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience at the CEO level with international experience including seven years in North America with companies generating multi-billion dollar revenues. His extensive experience enables support around key strategic elements including governance, risk management, executive mentorship, operational and commercial excellence, strategic planning, innovation and product development, together with a financial focus aligned to the committed strategic intent. Having worked at the CEO/COO level for a variety of ownership models including a large privately held multi-national company, a publicly listed USA company and an USA private equity company, provides Campbell with a strong understanding of the differing strategic objectives of each model and the initiatives and leadership needed to deliver the key outcomes.

Campbell served on the Queensland Resource Council for over 5 years.

Dr Michael Etheridge

Advisory Panel

An experienced Non-Executive Director and Chair in private, public and listed commercial sectors, and in government research sector. Board experience in large (LGL), mid-tier (ConsMin) and small companies, including start-ups (Ariana & Geoinformatics). Achieved excellent returns for shareholders in ConsMin, Ballarat Goldfields and Lihir Gold via takeover / merger. for technical direction & leadership; director of EHW Pty Ltd (1994-97) and its successor SRK Consulting.

Chairman of SRK Austral Participated in setting strategic direction for growth of award-winning consulting business (to 30 staff in 3 countries, in 6 years); responsible during post-merger integration and rapid diversification; responsible for “exporting” EHW’s specific services to SRK and its clients worldwide. Director, SRK Global 1998-2002.

1998 – AICD Company Directors’ Course; elected FAICD in March 1999.

Extensive board experience in R&D sector – founding Chairman of Predictive Mineral Discovery CRC from interview in 2001 to closure in 2008; Facilitator and founding Chairman for AuScope Ltd – the NCRIS Capability in the Earth Sciences.